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Audio Technology Program Diploma

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Audio Technology Program (ATP) - Diploma

Theory lectures delivered by experienced sound engineers and music industry professionals provide the basis for preparing students for work in recording studios, at live sound venues, in post-production studios and broadcast facilities.

SAE's Audio Technology Program has received industry and academic acclaim for over 25 years across the globe. This intensive program offers high-level, hands-on practical training in combination with advanced theoretical study. This powerful combination provides our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the competitive creative media industries as well as equipping graduates for further study towards the degree level.

Program Objectives

The Audio Technology Program is specifically designed to train students for entry level positions in the audio industry, such as commercial recording and post-production studios, as well as live sound events. Students will have the necessary management skills for entry-level management positions in the entertainment business.

Job Description

The graduate will be able to enter the audio / music business as an effective professional in an entry level position in a number of roles on either the technical or business management sides of the music and broadcast industries: recording engineer, post production engineer, live sound engineer, studio manager, music business manager, audio film editor, or record company professional.

    Course Details

    Full-time: 9 months
    • Classes are held Monday thru Friday from either 10am-1:30pm or 2pm-5:30pm (class time is assigned by SAE).
    • An additional 10 hours per week of studio lab time will be spent completing hands-on projects.
    Part-time: 18 months
    • Classes are held either Monday and Wednesday (fall session) or Tuesday and Thursday (spring session) from 6:00pm-9:30pm.
    • An additional 5 hours per week of studio lab time will be spent completing hands-on projects.

    In addition to the regular class schedule, workshops are scheduled on Fridays. Topics include: Soldering, Drum Miking, 88R automation, Tape Machine Alignment, visiting Producers and Engineers.

    Total Program Hours: 900
    Includes Weekly Individual Lab Time

    Department of Education rules require the disclosure of gainful employment data. Click here to view

    Module 1 - Introduction to Audio Technology and Studio Equipment

    • Introduction to Audio
    • Signal Flow I
    • Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
    • Music Theory
    • Introduction to MIDI and Sequencing
    • Basic Audio Electronics
    • Effects
    • Microphones

    Module 2 - Digital Audio Software and Advanced Studio Equipment

    • Signal Flow II (Analog 8 Buss console)
    • Advanced Sequencing (Logic)
    • Sampling
    • Intro to Pro Tools
    • Signal Flow III (Yamaha 02R console)
    • Loudspeakers and Amplifiers
    • Session Procedures

    Module 3 - Advanced Engineering and Digital Audio Applications

    • Hard Disk Recording
    • Stereo Miking Techniques 
    • Mixing Techniques
    • Synchronization, Interfacing and Formats
    • Advanced Signal Flow I (Neve console)
    • Mastering
    • Advanced Signal Flow II (SSL console)

    Module 4 - Advanced Record Engineering and Production

    • Sound to Picture
    • Surround Sound
    • Acoustics
    • Music Production
    • Advanced Pro Tools
    • Live Sound
    • Music Business
    • Broadcast Engineering
    • Audio in Multimedia and Games